Geisha, first of her kind and still in her adolescence, of humble origin but of useful birth, was designed for "fishing"... That of the wealthy Japanese to whom she had to bring back, against typhoons and tsunamis, everything that the sea in its fertile belly produces and nourishes in its blessed entrails: primarily sushi tuna! 
A fishing boat, then, of the long liner type (100 km of satellite-connected line), built in China by an Australian shipowner to fish in Tasmania. But the tunas, not so... stupid, got wind of the plan and took refuge in South Africa. After several trips still empty-handed, the fishing boat ended its journey... bankrupt! Deceived, outraged but lucky, the young lady owed her salvation to the unexpected encounter one beautiful morning in 2004 with a pair of innocent adventurers who only knew three words in English and had to comb half the planet to find the beautiful white boat, the object of their wildly fantasized desire! With her clumsy, dragging look, her sorrowful ironing board appearance, she lay there in Australia, lonely and still untouched. 
Nothing predisposed her to her new functions, far from it! With her cramped, aborted appearance, her ugliness, her smallness, her misfortune, God, she was so awkward and smelled of the tide! Only a robust conversion could redeem her. Twelve months later, after a fierce trench war against the Singapore shipyard, whose only skill was the promptness to draw out additional quotes, and strong from our vow to never again in our lifetime set foot in a shipyard, we set off joyfully for our first distant journey: Burma! This young scatterbrain immediately revealed a promising taste for adventure, to which she surrendered with passion and without restraint, in every position. Her character led us to disregard the vow and took us, a year later, to another shipyard for a true extension, a somewhat audacious step. 
Cut in half, stretched by a jack, she gave birth in four months to a beautiful new section six meters long on three levels and weighing 300 tons, giving us a delightful sensation of having thus doubled the size of the boat. 
Now, Geisha has but one purpose: to satisfy all our desires, even the simplest ones. From dawn at the hour of the dragon, to night at the hour of the tiger and all its intrigues, the Geisha, finally bare under her omnipresent white makeup, of this insidious but nuanced white, violently highlighted by the same black as Chinese ink, now reveals her raison d'être, her major talent, her supreme art: the Art of suggestion, an inexhaustible source of multiple ecstasies. And in the shadow of her tranquility, Geisha invites you to unveil all the riches surfaced, and those still buried in your soul, that time, that darn time in its wild race, might have prevented you from contemplating...
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