For the first time in the Gulf of Siam …

Cruises in the Archipelago of Koh Chang (Koh Kut) and Cambodia islands

Or Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phan Ngam and AngThonG National Marine Park


Cargo - Loft

"The One and only One"


Koh Chang Archipelago from November to end of April.

Cruises in the islands of Koh Chang and Cambodia during the good season.

This National Park encompasses an archipelago of 52 islands with a rich beautiful wild and magnificent coral fish fauna.

After Phuket, Ko Chang is the second largest island of the Kingdom.

With Cambodian Islands, there are the most beautiful islands of the Gulf of Siam.

The Mu Koh Chang Marine Park is home to some of the most picturesque islands in Thailand, with a magical underwater world, uninhabited desert islands and quaint fishing villages to explore.  Other activities and excursions on offer include big game fishing, net fishing, massages and other healing treatments by Marie, and cooking classes by Eric

For Eric and Marie, being aboard Geisha is living a dream come true. “It is our passion, and one that we love to share with fellow travelers. Exploring this beautiful part of the world while enjoying the good life through, art, music, food and wine is a wonderful and exciting adventure, that uplifts mind, body and spirit,” says Eric.



Geisha is the “only one” to offer luxury cruises in the archipelago of Koh Chang and Cambodia.


Koh Samui Archipelago from May to September.

Ko Samui is the third largest island in Thailand surrounded by other beautiful islands such as Ko Pha-ngan and Ko Tao.

To the west of Samui is the Marine National Park Mu Ko Angthong, this archipelago of 42 islands suggests the image of a tropical paradise, with huge limestone rocks covered with lush vegetation emerging from the sea



On special request

Possible to embark for an unique Expedition- cruise with  Eric and Marie, these gentleman-explorers owner of the yacht, in the Archipelagos Anambas, Pulau Redang or Perhentian Besar (choice of  many destinations depending of the guests).




The Interview

From “castle-owner CEO” to “gentleman explorer”... this is the story of Eric Poisson, who, having lived for 20 years in one of the prestigious estate of the French Riviera : “Le Château de Gairaut” where he used to entertain some of the most prominent magnates in the universe of aristocracy, culture and the arts, finance, fashion and show business, unexpectedly chose to suddenly leave this dream world.

With his wife Marie, on board a cargo-loft of 300 Tons, Geisha, which they conceived and realized together in order to explore their continent of predilection: Far East.

VN. And why the name Geisha ?

EP. The Geisha is an ideal, a woman that doesn’t really exist. She is in a way immortal.

Just mentioning this name stirs up dreams of pleasure and fantasies. Exactly like our boat, butshe exists and made the pleasure.



VN. Why entertain guests aboard ?

EP. We kept this old habit from our life ashore: which is to meet new and different people in the hope that they’ll turn out to be interesting!

VN. Why make them pay

EP. First of all to live at sea in luxury as we do, cost a fortune, and it is the Price

that determines the Value of things, well then, what we offer is priceless.VN. And what do you offer for this price?

EP. To live a dream, a real fantasy: to embark in an adventure at the end of the world in the wilderness, to forget all notion of time, of our civilization, to make love to nature in its pristine beauty. While keeping a unique “art de vivre”, such as listening to Scarlatti’s sonatas interpreted by Horowitz, while relishing a “raviole de foie gras frais dans son bouillon de poule dégraissé à la façon Ducasse” and savoring a champagne « Ruinart rosé grande cuvée” in crystal glasses designed by Stark and at the same time meditating the infinite richness of the human soul. To reconcile these paradoxes is quite an achievement. All the more delightful to share!

VN. But what about living in a mansion, your presidencies, your activities in the museums particularly the Matisse museum, don’t you miss all that?

EP. Of course to accumulate presidencies, power, mingling with high society etc… All that is delicious and intoxicating, then the notion of

the ephemeral nature of life catches up with you. Then you realize that “to have” becomes the opposite of “to be”. The more you “have” the less you “are” and you become a prisoner of your worldly possessions, which ultimately all of us will have to leave behind. Our “being” is the most precious of all our possessions. We have to nurture it away from the hustle and bustle, the pollution, in order to be able to offer the best of what we are to ourselves and others.

VN. What memories do you have of all the celebrities you entertained in your mansion?


EP. Foremost, the memories of my friends: François Spoerry, the architect of some of the most beautiful waterfront cities across the world, his qualities as a great humanist are forever engraved in my heart.. Helmut Newton, whom I greatly admired, he shot a number of his photographs in Gairaut, including some of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy who was one of his favorite top-model. César, my long time friend, long before he became famous, was as hilarious a storyteller as a great sculptor. The most eccentric, Elton John, is endowed with intense jubilation and creativity. Yves Saint-Laurent just as thrilling, a recluse in his own strange world but his genius embellished the planet. The King of Belgium, Albert II. I served him diner in my kitchen and he was thrilled. Hubert de Givenchy, one word : elegance. Françoise Giroud, the embodiment of intelligence. And so many more ! Least but not last my best friend, Richard Chandler, somewhat of a Michelangelo in the world of finance, an exceptional man, who creates economic systems, wealth and assets with the ultimate goal of fighting poverty around the world.

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